Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The 7 Mount Dropping Rares of Draenor

I love camping for rares, this shouldn't be a secret to anyone who has been following this blog for the past few years. I like setting up my characters in a safe cozy spot to wait for a prize that could show up in minutes or even days. I actually enjoy the wait, and I cannot convey just how happy I am that Blizzard has implemented some RARE rares back into the game. That feeling - when your target appears after waiting and waiting for what can sometimes seem like a decade - it just can't be beat.

In MoP the spawn timers on rares were so short they hardly felt 'rare' at all. There wasn't even a real TLPD or Aeonaxx equivalent. Alani was nice as her drop was guaranteed, but I never could find the time to farm for shards (I did still get the mount though - Thank You Reinoverall!) and would have loved to camp for SOMEthing in Pandaria.

In WoD there are dozens of silver dragons called 'vignettes' in each zone. They are actually quite common though - even more so than MoP rares (they even loose their silver dragon portrait after your character has killed a particular one). They do however drop some interesting and unique loot. I straight up did not have the time or energy to find all of them throughout beta and go on to post about them. For anyone interested in learning more about these vignettes, Wowhead has some incredibly in depth articles on them for each zone in Draenor. Notable loot, maps, screenies, they have it all. Here they are by zone:
I did however have time to CAMP! That's right, as soon as I found out that there were going to be RARE mount dropping mobs scattered throughout Draenor, I just knew I had to find out as much as I could about these guys.

Throughout Draenor there are seven, that's right, SEVEN mount-dropping rares. Six of these rares have a 100% chance to drop a mount for anyone who participates in the kill (Source). The seventh drops one mount which will need to be rolled upon. Each of the mounts looks just like the rare which it dropped from.

If/When you come across one of these rares - PLEASE announce it and WAIT for others to join in the kill. These rares truly are 'rare' with lengthy spawn timers. 

In my time on beta I was lucky enough to personally experience six of the seven rares. With help from other campers I was also able to acquire information on the seventh that never showed his ugly face before beta shutdown.

Without further adieu, I will introduce you to each of them, in order my level.

Pathrunner - Drops Swift Breezestrider

Swift Breezestrider Mount
Pathrunner south of Burial Fields
Pathrunner is a level 93 elite non-aggressive talbuk with at least two known spawn points in Shadowmoon Valley. He died VERY quickly by the hands of my premade level 100 beta character. I imagine he will be more difficult for level 90's leveling in the area.

All Pathrunner Spawn Points (map updated 12/2/14)

Gorok - Drops Great Greytusk

Great Greytusk Mount
Gorok, just north of Colossals Fall
Gorok is a level 93 elite non-aggressive boar with 674k hp, and at least one confirmed spawn point in Frostfire Ridge. Like Pathrunner, he was quite easy to kill on a level 100 toon. I imagine level 90's would not have much difficulty soloing him.
All Gorok Spawn points (map updated 12/2/14)

Poundfist - Drops Sunhide Gronnling

Sunhide Gronnling Mount (image courtesy of Wowhead)
Poundfist spawn point at Brimstone Springs (image courtesy of Quivering @ Petopia)
Poundfist is a level 95 elite aggressive gronnling with 1302k hp. I easily spent the most time camping for this one particular mob on beta (I'm talking days and days and DAYS of camping) and never caught even a glimpse of him. I don't know if I just kept missing him, am unlucky or if he just has a looooooooooong spawn timer, but he did NOT want to show his ugly face for me.

He has at least one confirmed spawn point at brimstone Springs in Gorgrond, but there were talks of sightings in the canyon to the north as well.

This will likely be the rare I camp for on live. I LOVE the ridiculous look of this mount and HAVE to have it. When I do finally come across him, I will post my own screenshots here with any updated information. :)
All Poundfist Spawn points (map updated 12/2/14)

Silthide - Drops Sapphire Riverbeast

Sapphire Riverbeast Mount
Silthide in northern pool at Anchorite's Sojourn 
Silthide is a level 97 elite non-aggressive riverbeast with at least two confirmed spawn points in Talador. This is the first rare I came across with a pretty sizable health pool (which I forgot to take a screenshot of, but I assure you it is big). Soloing this beasty at 100 was easy peasy, but took a little time.

Silthide's known spawn points (map updated 12/2/14)

Lok'hok - Drops Mottled Meadowstomper 

There are TWO rares that drop mounts in Nagrand. I included them both on the map further down the page.
Mottled Meadowstomper Mount
Luk'hok is a level 100 elite non-aggressive elekk with 2935k hp. He has at least two confirmed spawn points around Stonecrag Gorge in Nagrand. I witnessed him wandering in a small area just north of the Gorge, not far from the road. He has also been spotted to the east of the Gorge - not far from the goblins there. (Scroll down for map. His spawn points are marked in orange.)
Luk'hok north of Stonecrag Gorge

Nakk the Thunderer - Drops Bloodhoof Bull

Bloodhoof Bull Mount
Nakk the Thunderer
Nakk the Thunderer is a level 100 elite non-aggressive clefthoof with a massive 4892k hp. Of all the rares I came across this one took the longest to kill. With a level 100 character it took me a solid 10 minutes to whittle through his health. As far as I know, he has one confirmed spawn point so far just east of Mok'Gol Watchpost. (His spawn point is marked in red on the map below.)

Nakk the Thunderer & Luk'hok spawn points (map updated 12/2/14)

Nok-Karosh - Drops Garn Nighthowl

I am including Nok-Karosh last because he is unique in that he will NOT drop a mount for all who participate in the kill. Nok-Karosh will drop ONE mount which will need to be rolled upon by the group. Although this mount shows in the database as being bound on pick up, one of the devs at one point said that it would NOT be bound (source), making it tradable and sellable on the auction house. I guess we will find out for sure whe WoD goes live.

Garn Nighthowl Mount (image courtesy of wowmartien)
Nok-Karosh is absolutely no pushover. This big bad wolf is a level 102 elite with a MASSIVE health pool of 10471k. He absolutely cannot be solo'd at this time. Trying to do so will land you a swift death. On beta, large groups of 30 people plus got together to take him down.

Nok-Karosh sleeping with his posse of elite level 100 Garn Nighthowls 
Nok-Karosh spawn points

Once Warlords goes live, I'm sure more information on these guys will start pouring in with so many people running into them on so many servers. I will be updating this page with any new information as I find it.

Happy camping to you all!

Friday, July 4, 2014

WoD: Shadowmoon Valley Screenshots, Rares & Hunter Pet Goodness!

I'm not dead, I swear. I've just been very busy these past few months. Between the wee little one learning to walk, a job shift, and not a whole lot going on in WoW, I not only didn't feel the need to post - I pretty much didn't have time for it. Well that's about to change. I'm back.

This past week I've been exploring around the Warlords of Draenor beta with my hunter, and I've totally and utterly fallen in love with the game again. Between the mind explodingly gorgeous landscapes, incredibly cool new hunter pets, and silly amount of rares - I'm seriously like a little kid in a candy shop. MUST EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING! (Thankfully I don't have to worry about breaking anything.)

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to play my shammy or hunter for exploring beta - then I remembered hunter pets. Durka dur, that was an easy decision. Perhaps even more than finding the new rares, I was most excited about taming new hunter pets. <3

I've stumbled upon quite a few awesome new tamable hunter pets in the past couple of days. The pets in the screen shots below can all be found in Shadowmoon Valley.

**WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD** (Just in case the title of the post wasn't warning enough)

Hunter Pets

Grey/Black Hydra
Blue Riverbeast
New Sporebat Model - Yellow eyes/blue accents
New Sporebat Model - Blue eyes/orange accents
Void Wolf, first awesome new tamable WoD pet - before you even arrive in SMV
Grey Draenor Wolf Skin

These are all of the rares that I've come across so far. They remind me very much of the Timeless Isle Rares. Each has their own unique loot (known loot is listed under each rare's screen shot). All of them also seem to drop Garrison Resources (a currency used in the construction of your garrison buildings).

World Boss. No loot table yet. Took 2 raid groups + FOREVER to kill this guy.
Precious Bloodthorn Loop
Rylak-Scale Vest
Killmaw's Canine

Rockhoof's Crest
Sporebat Larval Pod

Staff of the Mad Bramble King
Ku'targ's Merciless Grips
Ba'ruun's Bountiful Bloom
Varandi Family Crest

Hypnosis Goggles
Venomshade Skin Boots
Dragonrider's Tinkered Leggings
Darktide Summoner Staff
Void Prophecy Cudgel

Eye Candy (Screen Shots)

More than ever I just wanted to take screenshots of something beautiful this time around. Blizzard did an amazing job with this zone. Almost everywhere I turned I wanted to take a screenshot. Anyone who appreciates beauty in even the smallest sense should get something out of these.

It wouldn't be a beta without a few good bugs!

This one has been my favorite so far. I found a cave where your character can swim in the area around the opening - even though there is no water around. :)

Much Love, E